Tuesday, January 02, 2018


Annual Statistical Report
Robert Allan Hill
Boston University
Dean of Marsh Chapel, Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology, and Chaplain to the University
January 1, 2017—December 31, 2017

Ten 2017 Highlights: 44 national and regional guest speaking and preaching moments, in annual conferences, churches, colleges and other  (21 last year) (*including a week at the Chautauqua Institution, August 6-13, 2017; and the UMC Boston Colloquy, November 13-15, 2017; and a  day at Morehouse College, November 16, 2017); 4 RAH Journal Publications; 1100 in 4 Easter services; 1400  in Christmas week\Lessons and Carols services; new Associate University Chaplain for Episcopal Students (fully funded, full time, 1/1/18); New Assistant to the Dean, Ms. Heidi Freimanis, 12/19/16; Total 159 young women and men either entering or continuing in ministry, through Marsh Chapel, 2008-2017; 220 BU students active weekly in Marsh Chapel programs, worship, and groups;  Marsh Development Group third year.

A.    Dean of Marsh Chapel: Preacher

1.Sunday Sermons and Services, both Marsh and elsewhere: 50  (bu.edu\chapel; deanhill.blogspot.com); Marsh Chapel Sunday worship services are broadcast in New England on NPR to 50K-80K; in addition, another 20-40K (up from 4K five years ago) listen by livestream or podcast, Sunday or midweek; the services are streamed on the BU website, for all 300K living BU alumni and others around the globe (weekly listeners in Paris, Beijing, Sao Paulo, Juno); the service is provided for the 40K resident BU faculty\students\administration and staff; 256 weekly average school year attendance (highest in September, December, April, and May).
2. Special Services: 21
ML King Observance, BU Baccalaureate\Commencement, BU Matriculation, BU Alumni Weekend Memorial, This I Believe, Marsh Matriculation Service, Lessons & Carols (2x), Blue Christmas, Annual Spring Term Ten (10) Prayers\Invocations)
3. Guest Speaking Events 2015: 44
Chautauqua Institution (8), Morehouse College (3), BUSTH Chapel Service, James Wiggins AAR Funeral, Dean Richard Neismith Funeral, Gottlieb King Program, Lakefield College School, UMFNE, Union Chapel NH, BU Lemoyne College, Fayetteville NY UMC,  Jay Halfond MET class (2x), UNYACUMC Syracuse (2x), BU Basketball Luncheon, Asbury First UMC (2), Park UMC Hamilton, Erwin FirstUMC Syracuse, School of Public Health (2), UMC Colloquy (4), Wiesel Remembrance (2), Susan Jackson Funeral, Daca Vigil, Alumni Memorial Service, Hillel House (2), Inner Strength Gospel Choir, (Coming for 2019, week at Ohio Chautuaqua, Lakeside Center)
4. Meetings, Weekly, Monthly, other: 16:
Marsh Staff, Marsh Advisory Board, Marsh Development Group, Faculty BUSTH, Faculty Area A and Area D BUSTH, Dean’s Council, University Council, University Leadership Group, BU Faculty, Religious Life Council, BU Chaplains, New England Annual Conference Foundation Board and Marketing Committee, New England AC Development Committee, Harvard Epworth Wesley Foundation Board, Harvard Memorial Church Board of Visitors, Learning Project Board of Visitors
5. Visits: (office, home, hospital, other): 884 (not including daily 45min campus walk)
6. 2017 New Chapter Members Received 10:
Adebiyi Family (4), Toyun Shonukan, Jeremy Rogalski, Marcia Langerway, Loren Hoekema, Ute Posseke
7. Program Initiatives: 24: (see term book on website, see ‘weekly’ below)
8. 2017  Baptisms:  4: Katalyna Rose Balderas, Hannah Beryl Flaim, Ronak Ian Baybutt, Daniel Maddox Hall
9. 2017 Weddings RAH officiant (Brides’ names):  5 Mancuk, Aubuchon, Yang, Liv, Bedell
10. 2016 Funerals and Memorials:  8  Paladino, Ebersol, Keyes, Worsig, Campbell, Fitzgerald, Neismith, Jackson
  1. Professor of New Testament and Pastoral Theology: (Tenured Full Professor)
  1. Worship Service Wednesdays 11:10am, attendance only
  2. STH monthly faculty meeting
  3. Annual STH Faculty Retreat
  4. 2017 RAH Publications:  1. Sunday Sermons, BU website (at 2500 words a sermon, the collection for 2017 would be 125,000 words, or two 300 page books); 2. Four Articles:  UMC Advocate, GBHEM Colloquy, ‘No Male and Female’, Health Journal: Personalizing Patient Care (4th edition), Jay Corrin, International Sociology Journal, Article on Reinhold Niebuhr 3. Robert Allan Hill Huffington Post Blog (new last year); 4. Autumn 2017 Sermon Series on Remembrance; 5. Lenten Series 2017: Henri Nouwen; 6. Dean Hill’s Blogs (deanhill.blogspot.com; huffingtonpostblog);
  5. Courses 2017:  Integration of Theology and Practice, The Gospel of John
  6. Doctoral\Masters Defense Committees (2)
  7. STH Methodism Committee
  8. Areas A and D Monthly meetings
C. Chaplain to the University and Dean of Religious Life

1. Daily 45 minute walks on campus and conversations.
2. BU Today Articles, other Religious Life Articles and Interviews (several): (see Marsh Website, ‘In the News’):
3. BU Matriculation, Service and Alumni Recognitions, Senior Breakfast, Baccalaureate, Commencement, Multi-faith Dinner, and other: 10 every spring
4. 43 (mostly part-time) paid staff at Marsh Chapel; 41 Religious Life unpaid staff
5. Marsh Board of Advisors (29 persons), May and September
6. Pastoral Counseling: 94 (sacramental and personal moments, part of total visits above).
8. Open Houses\Receptions\Dinners in 96 Bay State Residence: 9
(Staff, Parent’s Weekend, Christmas Sunday Open House, October BSR 96, Christmas Party, Staff Holiday Dinner, Valentines, Patriot’s Day Brunch, Book Club, other)
9. Student Deaths 2016: 2 (Steven Nunez, Albert Missry)
10. Administration:  Oversight of 6 University Chaplains and 25 Campus Ministers, 43 internal Marsh Staff (see sign boards and web site).  Most Difficult 2012-2016 : Hillel (250 hours). (As of 2013 all BU chaplains are new since my arrival). Annual Marsh income target set and met at 1/14 of expenses, 2015.
11.  Sampling of authors read in 2017: John Ashton, CH Dodd, Augustine of Hippo, Lyndal Roper.
12. December Christmas\Holiday events attended BU: 34 (fascinating community pattern)
13. Travel, person and\or work:  Tampa, San Diego, Rochester, Syracuse, New York City, Chicago, Atlanta. Four family events:  Christopher’s marriage (3x); Mother’s Transfer to Nursing Home and House Clean out and Sale; Summer Time with Grandchildren; Health Issues.
14. Tithe (details available on request)
15. Christmas Pastoral Phone Calls:  44 (64 last year)
17.10 Continuing Education Events\Retreats Annually: 2 UMC Annual Conferences (UNYAC, NEAC), 2 AAR\SBL (national, regional), 2 NHTDG (spring, fall), 2 BU (Provost, STH), 2 Marsh (August, February).
18. 2018 Resolutions, Goals, Foci: Health, Growth, Book, Election, Japanese, Biblical Theology

*Autumn 2017 Weekly\Regular Marsh Chapel Conversation Groups (w/attendance):

Global:  Yoga (10), FY101 (20), International Dinner (10), Monday Meditations (5), Interfaith Council (10), Creative Arts (10), Religion on Tap(10) );

Ministry: (Monday Dinner (20), children’s ministry (10), FY101 (20), Ministry Staff Weekly (15), Noon Thursday Silence (5), Sunday Morning Adult Study (10), RAH Bible Study (5), BUUMF (5), Abolitionist Chapel (10), Confucian Group (20), ISGC (30) Common Ground Communion (20), Compline Monday (10), Wednesday Eucharist (10), ‘Daily Devotions’ (200); Intercessory Prayer Sunday (5));

Hospitality: (Office Staff (10), Religious Life Council (20), Marsh Advisory Board (20), Evangelical Campus Ministers Prayer Circle (10), Development Task Force (10), Weekly Senior Staff (10),

Music: (Chapel Choir (40), Collegium (40), Summer Choir (20), ISGC (30), Thurman Choir (20), Lorelei (10), Take Note (10), In Choro Novo (35)